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August 31, 2012

Dear Lisa,

I cannot believe the day is here. For 11 years I have been making the turn off Ferry Road, I am so, so sad to say goodbye. All year I have been thinking about what I'd write in this note.

You know what I love about Windmill, that goes without saying...potty training, walks, swimming, horses, academics, the beautiful grounds, the concerts, and of course the staff. I could go on and on. Windmill has taught Maddie and Kyle how to be good people, how to treat one another and how to be a friend. I cannot think of any better place I would want my kids to begin their social and academic experiences but here at Windmill. I am so, so grateful to you and the Windmill Staff for ALL you have done for my family.
Thank you for giving Maddie and Kyle the tools they need to begin their journeys through life. I will miss you all so much!

Thank you, thank you, thank you-for EVERYTHING!!
Chris Richards










Windmill Day School & Summer Camp

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