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Dear Windmill Staff, Counselors, JCs and CITs-

Thank you for yet another year of Windmill fun for Julia and Josh! I am always so impressed by everyone's enthusiasm, energy, stamina, dedication, and attention to safety. From hearing Miss Lisa's energetic voice when I drop the kids off during morning announcements, to Miss Dorko's wonderful smile and cheery "Hello!" at pick up, and hearing about all the fun in between- it's nice to know that there is a camp I can send my children to where I don't need to worry.

A few weeks ago, Josh got stung on his foot just when I arrived for pick-up. Within seconds, Miss Ashley had out the bee-sting stick and Mr. Bobby was giving Josh a "piggy-back" ride so he could soak his foot in the pool. Any emergency services person would have been impressed with their quick action!

Wishing each of you an enjoyable rest of the summer-and beyond!

Kim Eisen











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