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June 6, 2013

To Miss Lisa Silverstein, Teachers and Windmill Staff,

Today is a monumental day for our K Kids…as one door closes and another opens I feel a sense of excitement yet…I AM SURE GOING TO MISS THE HECK OUT OF MY DAILY INTERACTIONS WITH EACH OF YOU AT WINDMILL!

Thank U for being YOU! Because of YOU our children have learned to embrace, to inspire, to care, be patient, be kind, be thoughtful, be quiet, BE LOUD and most of all to be themselves! (even though many times we have witnessed our children being YOU! Imitation is the best form of flattery ya know ! )

Together you as Windmill teachers and staff have created a special place in their hearts and fond memories that will NEVER fade and be spoke of OFTEN.

To me Windmill is more than just a place, a school a camp; it is the crux of their success and as I stand beside my son and applaud his achievements throughout his life I will be reminded of Windmill and know that success begins way before college, scholarships and good grades…

  •  It begins with family, togetherness, laughter!

  • It begins with working hard to earn that special something you want at the school store; building perseverance and ambition.

  • It begins with the learning how to ride a horse at such an early age; building bravery and confidence.

  • It begins with K-Café learning that Starbucks really isn’t the best place to meet beautiful people and me knowing the difference between hot water and coffee when making hot chocolate.

  • It begins with learning how to take that leap into the pool and knowing someone will be there to catch you when you fall; building courage and trust.

  • It begins with group play on the sports court or gaga pit; building friendships that for some, will last a lifetime.

  • It begins with learning all the words of a song or a part in a play and then putting yourself out there for all to see building nothing but a pit in your stomach and that will never go away no matter how successful you are.

  • It begins with each of YOU…ALL successful…and paying it forward to our children each and every day!

Thank you Miss Lisa for sharing with us this magical place of Windmill!
See you at camp! (I wish I was coming to camp!)

Donna Forsthoffer



Windmill Day School & Summer Camp

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