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June 17, 2010

Dear Windmill Staff,

As we spend our last weeks at Windmill, we would like to thank the entire Windmill staff for 9 great years. Thank you all for loving and caring for our 3 children. Kissing their boo-boos when they were hurt or giving them hugs when needed, giving them wonderful memories of their time at Windmill. Your have not only helped to create lasting friendships, but you all taught them academics and lifelong skills like using the bathroom by themselves, zippering, and tying shoes. You taught them their letters, numbers and how to read, write, add, subtract, and tell time. In addition, you taught them how to make friends, share, say "I am sorry", how not to throw a fit.."you get what you get and you don't get upset!", and to use manners. They have all learned to appreciate all of the many differences we all have.

People often ask us about Windmill and in addition to the positive nurturing environment and people, we always mention the love of outdoors. Regardless of the season or weather in most cases, every day at Windmill involved the outdoors which allowed the kids to be kids, both in structured and unstructured play. Whether it was a game of "ga-ga", the ropes course, or a walk to Peace Valley, our kids were able to run free, learn how to interact with classmates outside the classroom, and above all, breathe some fresh air. Speaking of which, it is our non-scientific opinion that those walks outside on cold winter days in their snowsuits led to less illness. Fresh air works wonders!

So, as we leave Windmill, it's with children who are well prepared for the rigors of school with fond memories of their friends, some of whom will follow them through Central Bucks. We can't thank you enough for having such a positive impact on their lives, and wish the entire Windmill Team well in the future.

The Plack Family- Matt, Diane, Ryan, Marissa and Caitlyn




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