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Dear Ms. Jen, Lisa Rhea, Noah, Miss Sharon, Miss Sarah, Miss Lisa, Miss Kelly, Dion, Ms. Pam, Justin, Dee-Dee et all,

Windmill is one of the best pre-schools in the world, in my vast and humble opinion. Somehow, you manage this blend of safety, organization and cleanliness with an incredible zest and joy in the wonder that is a child. I still don't quite know how you do it. Children should be held accountable, and roll down the hill into a pile of leaves. They should get muddy yet have a spotless classroom. Most of all, they should have people around them that want to be there and take delight in them. I can honestly say, and I am not saying this just so you will use me as an ad on your website, that if all children began their years in a place like Windmill, THERE WOULD BE PEACE ON EARTH!

With heartfelt thanks,
Karen, Pete and Alex Smith









Windmill Day School & Summer Camp

36 N. Chapman Rd. Doylestown, PA  18901


PH: 215.348.2660